CAMWorks Multiaxis Indexing & Simultaneous Milling

CAMWorksMultiaxis Machining software for programming multi-axis CNC machines allows a wide variety of shops and manufacturing facilities to take advantage of 4/5 Axis machines that provide greater productivity, equipment flexibility and quality. CAMWorks 4/5 Axis simultaneous machining programming software allows the user to create toolpaths across complex shapes that could not be machined on 3 Axis machines. This includes high-performance automotive port finishing, impellers, turbine blades, cutting tools, 5 Axis trimming, and undercut machining in mold and die making. CAMWorks 4 Axis simultaneous machining is designed for complex rotary applications such as camshafts, extrusion screws and blades..

Choose the Multiaxis module for your requirements:*

3 Axis Mill with undercutting - For 3 axis machining requiring undercutting.

4 Axis Mill - For up to 4 axis simultaneous machining.

Axis Mill - For up to 5 axis simultaneous machining.


  • Reduce Cycle Time
  • Improve Surface Finish
  • Extend Tool Life
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