CAMWorks Turning

CAMWorks 2 and 4 Axis Turning software for programming CNC lathe machines includes automatic roughing, finishing, grooving, threading, cutoff and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles. CAMWorks, incorporates Machining Intelligence for Automation, a suite of tools that automate Feature Recognition and the generation of toolpaths based on a user-defined technology database.

CAMWorks Turning provides fast, error-free cutting using standard inserts for both front and rear turret configurations and toolpath, simulation and post processing support for sub-spindles.

Automatic and Interactive Feature Recognition

  • AFR recognizes features on native solid models or on solid parts imported via IGES, SAT, etc.
  • When bar stock is used, AFR generates a cutoff feature on the opposite side of the face feature.
  • Clean Design CAMWorks provides an Interactive Turn Feature wizard for defining features that need to be defined for your facility’s machining requirements, such as custom OD and ID grooves.
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